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  • Question : Can I view from different phones at a same time?
    • Answer : Yes, multiple users can see the camera at the same time.
  • Question : Can I view my camera from mobile and laptop?
    • Answer : Sure, the camera is supported for windows, android & iphone.
  • Question: What can I do if the SD card cannot be connected and the camera does not light up?
    • Answer : SD card should be formatted. Connect to the hotspot to reset the camera.
  • Question: Battery Life?
    • Answer : 3+ Hours straight.
  • Question : How long does it take to charge?
    • Answer : Approximately 1-2 Hours.
  • Question : How do I charge the camera?
    • Answer : We also provide USB cable with the camera, so you can charge the camera through USB cable.
  • Question : Where does my order shiip from?
    • Answer : Our warehouse is located in California and Georgia USA.
  • Question : When will I get Tracking Number and how?
    • Answer : Once we fulfill your order (1-2 Days) you will receive an email or sms about the tracking details.
  • Question : When will I Receive my order?
    • Answer : Approximately 4-7 days from fulfillment is done (In Peak time It can take 4-12 days).
  • Question : Where will be the data stored?
    • Answer : you can save the data on Google Cloud or SD cards.
  • Question : How to solve the problem when I receive the wireless network that cannot be released completely?
    • Answer : First,be sure the battery is fully charged, press the red/blue light on/off, and then press and hold the mode. Just wait for the red light to appear.
  • Question : Suddenly the power is dead, will the video be lost?
    • Answer : No, In this case the camera will store the data and once its charged the camera will start working again automatically.

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